Books by Mason West

Alice by Day & other stories

Four short stories about characters trapped at the intersection of sex, selfishness, love, and power. The stories include "Alice by Day," about a girl with a destiny, synesthesia, and the power to transform. "The Fisherman's Secret," about forbidden love on a risky vacation. "Rachel and Debbie": the end of love raises questions—is love real? pheromones? or perhaps just the odor of money?—and leads to smuggling a Thanksgiving cat aboard an airplane. "Secrets of My Prison-House" about an ex-con who dumps his well-traveled girlfriend when he becomes one of her travel destinations.

Counting Stars at Forty Below and other poems

Counting Stars at Forty Below sings the joy of travel in South America and Asia as well as the blues of imprisonment. The anthology was written on the road in Mexico, Chile, India, Austin, and in the dark and dank cells of the Texas prison system. Its leitmotifs include wanderlust and the horror of seeing up close the power that rules the world.