Thursday, February 2, 2017

Singer-Songwriter Kat McDowell's Promising Tenth-Year Album

Kat has made thank-you photos for all of her album supporters.

Singer-Songwriter Kat McDowell has started the Kickstarter campaign that will underwrite her fourth full album since her first CD came out ten years ago, in 2007. The New Zealander with Japanese ancestry has settled in Los Angeles, but her linguistic fluency affords her an international audience in both the English- and Japanese-speaking corners of the world. Spiritually her scope reaches out to the entire cosmos.

We live in an age when so much hurt, greed, and pain yield so much anger and conflict—recently the din reaches an intolerable pitch—so it's a delight to find someone who bucks the trend and describes her music as "songs of healing & hope." Instrumentally, Kat's music is upbeat, danceable, and happy, and her lyrics are full of hope, encouragement, and happiness!

Kat's YouTube channel offers up a cornucopia of upbeat original songs in a powerfully uplifting style she calls positive ocean pop, but she also covers songs like this tune from Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli film, Kiki's Delivery Service. Kat sings duets with numerous talented people. She more-or-less improvised this fun song about boba tea (featuring my favorite cooking YouTuber), and, with Megan Lee, even recorded this lovely and reverent Christmas song. Her advice videos and vlogs span themes both musical and general, some European travelogue brimming with wanderlust, and way cool photojournalistic event coverage of things like a costume contest at Santa Monica Beach and the FujiRock Festival.

Kat brings a lot to the table, and her videos make clearly evident the amazing musical and emotional growth she has enjoyed in LA. This next CD will let her fans and followers catch up with all that ongoing evolution. Those of us familiar with her music, whether through her CDs or her YouTube channel, know we have a lot to look forward to a new album from this great and loving musician. I can't wait!