Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I watched the first few hours of election returns in a movie theater. They projected CNN on the screen, and there was a woman in something like a Wonder Woman costume who occasionally interrupted CNN to say some funny things. Yet early in the evening it became apparent that the election wasn't going the way the Clinton camp wanted, and Wonder Woman disappeared, leaving us with CNN writ large on the big screen.

While I was sitting in the lobby, waiting for the theater to open, a memory flashed explosively into my mind: I suddenly remembered the 1980 election. For months polls, talking heads, pundits, and anchormen had confidently predicted that Jimmy Carter would win the election. Then on election night, much as the dark horse won tonight, state after state fell to the challenger, Ronald Reagan. Many people were shocked and filled with disbelief.

I've written in the past about how I believe that intuition is the voice of a silent parallel consciousness that speaks up on relatively rare instances to deliver a gift wrapped idea, an epiphany, a revelation, an aha! or Eureka moment. And that's what I think happened tonight in the lobby. Where the inputs came from, I don't know, but the output was spot on: it was a surprising upset.

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