Tuesday, September 27, 2016

US out of North America

American Police. © The Economist.

Meanwhile the conversion of the police into the military occupation of North America by the corporate dictatorship continues. Americans generally are immersed in the schizophrenia of the occupation—"America is the greatest country in the world"—so they mistakenly believe that paper tigers like wrist slaps and presidential outcries will matter. But rampant murder of citizens has always been a result of military occupation, and to think that investigations and demonstrations will make a difference is as naïve as thinking a Band-Aid will ease the Holocaust. The reality is something totally different: if you want to stop the police from murdering people, you first have to wake Americans enough to know that the murder won't stop until the US is demilitarized. Getting the US out of North America might make for a good beginning.

Last Friday I mentioned how the innately untrained mind lacks compassion. That began a series of blog posts that link the hatred of WoW players for noobs; that leaves people vulnerable to cults of personality; that leaves people blind to the obliteration of their own natural culture and its replacement by corporate culture.

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