Sunday, July 31, 2016

POEM: Montague's Seduction

The Kiss. Gustav Klimt. Public domain.

Montague's Seduction comes from the Indian section of Counting Stars at Forty Below.

Feral Thinker's Podcast

Montague’s Seduction

The exalted text’s neither hers nor mine—
Smoke it or drink it with red Groover wine.
I write this in the small of her back
While she giggles chirpily in the endorphin stream
Postcoital and high on fine stash from the
Bloodshot-eyed man on the street.
My cartouche of permanent black
Indian sweet chocolate on a hot
Sunday above the bustling din of the market in a
Life-pressed room my writing disappears in her
She says my Parker tickles as a I draw this line
She holds and shudders me

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