Friday, July 15, 2016


THE NIGHT OF...'s Riz Ahmed as Naz caught in the devil's Rube Goldberg machine of incrimination. ©HBO

HBO's new eight-part miniseries The Night of... starring John Turturro as a cool, cynical, ex-commie-in-the-21st-century attorney who promises to unravel some pretty knotty legal problems. That's my guess after watching the first episode. "The Beach," which is about a college kid's ill-fated night (or nightmare) out. His joy ride in his dad's taxi leads into a devil's Rube Goldberg machine of incriminating evidence against our young protagonist. Every possible witness, event, and physical evidence fall to point at the kid and create the perfect wrong conclusion. Riz Ahmed is the guest star of the first two episodes, and his co-star seems to be the palpable tension that wraps around characters and viewers alike in this cop-show noir. Viewers have just enough time to make sure they've seen Episode One before Episode Two, "Subtle Beast," comes out this Sunday night.

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