Monday, June 6, 2016

The Touch

Blanche Sweet and Alfred Paget in "Blind Love" (1912). Public domain.

The Touch

If you were blind, would you touch me?
If I were Braille, would you read me?
If I were mute, would you read my lips?
If I were lost, stranded on the corner,
tapping bumpers,
Dancing randomly & drunk, would you find me?
If we hungered would we proud-parade the market—
Stars in obsidian glasses carrying skinny sugar canes
So people would stare through our blindness—
Smelling the fresh sweet and parsley from a thousand loosely united nations,
Stuffing our pockets full of
China tea
foreign smiles?
If we thieves stole the store blind, would we kiss with honor?
Feeling our way with all our might,
we would stumble on the curb
and tumble through the night.

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