Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Morrow, Spratling, & Lindbergh in Mexico: the silver touch; unboxing gummy vitamins

This is a maiden voyage into the sea of vlogging, a public trial run, a dress rehearsal. The equipment seems to be OK, though I wish I had better lighting. If I decide to vlog regularly, it won't happen for several weeks because I'll want to get ahead of the game by taping several vlogs so I'm not in a panic every night. And frankly one of my big doubts lies in being a writer and not an online personage. Writers should be neither seen nor heard but read. On the other hand, maybe I can pull off both somehow. I will take some time to think about it.

The other caveat is that writers should not only write but be edited. While I did sharpen this vlog somewhat with video editing, it would have been much snappier had I written and edited a script, read it, then edited the video.

Vlog 5/24/2016

The intertwining stories of banker and ambassador Dwight Morrow; architect, artist, and grand instigator William Spratling; aviator Charles Lindbergh and his poet-writer wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh weren't practicing the Prime Directive but Manifest Destiny in their Latin American dalliances. Yet at Morrow's suggestion Spratling surely raised the quality of life in Taxco.

Also, with an eye to packaging as a theme that will eventually emerge here, the unboxing of Vitafusion Multi-vite, Gummy Vitamins.
I called this Vlog #1, but it should probably just be Vlog 5/24/2016. If I do decide to start blogging, it will be with a goal—like one vlog every day for a year­—and that will be the place to start numbering them. So ignore the #1 on today's video. #1 is yet to come.