Friday, May 20, 2016

A Punt & a Poem: Angelita

A quickly improvised wiring diagram for technical support.
Hey! It almost got me a job.

Over a month ago now I bought a fairly good studio-quality mic as a tool for the voice work I do. But following instructions as I found them on the Web, in PDFs, and in YouTube videos were not enough: I couldn't get the microphone to work. On top of that, there were several projects ahead of the microphone in my queue, but finally I started writing the support people, who are in China, and they were writing me back. Engaging technical support is an opportunity that shouldn't be wasted because many companies would soon as ignore you if they can get away with it.

They asked me to send them a video of how I was connecting the mic (which raises an interesting question because my sources tell me that people on the mainland do not have access to either YouTube or Google services like Drive because of the Great Firewall of China, so how do you send them big files?). That was fun, but time consuming. The video is here. I wanted YouTube to put some music softly in the background under my explanations, but their music obliterated my narration. Theoretically that music will be gone by showtime, but I haven't had much luck with YouTube tonight.

The Chinese company liked the teaching qualities they saw in my video and graphics, so they are offering me some work. Whether it will actually blossom to fruition remains to be seen. But it's been a big part of tonight's interesting chain of events.

All this happened when normally I would have been blogging, so I punted, which is what I do when, in order to keep my commitment to produce a blog every day, I do something quicker and more readily available than what I had originally planned.

The poetry is written and published, so recording doesn't take long. Angelita is a good poem, one of my favorites in Counting Stars. I do the performance, I sand off the rough edges, upload it to Soundcloud, and I write the blog itself. I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to perhaps compare the sound quality of tonight's recording, made with the new mic, to the older stuff, which was made with a mic built into the headphones (that I won from HBO!—they're good quality, but it's hard to beat a studio mic).


“Because they expect resistance, Papá,
when they come here there’s nothing we can do.”
“Fly away. They’ll not search the sky, m’ija.”
“Weapons crackle down the Avenida.
They’re beating imagination black and blue
because they expect resistance, Papá.”
“Imagine best you can, Angelita.
Against fear and silence, I sing through you.
Fly away. They’ll not search the sky, m’ija.”
“They interrogate us on the plaza.
They film disappearances for their news
because they expect resistance, Papá.”
“They can’t capture your thoughts in a camera—
they have blinded themselves to all that’s true.
Fly away. They’ll not search the sky, m’ija.”
“They’re herding us into the stadium—
don’t you know they are shooting angels too?
because they expect resistance, Papá.”
“Fly away. They’ll not search the sky, m’ija.”