Sunday, April 24, 2016

Winter Is Coming - Season Six of Game of Thrones premieres imminently.

Tonight Season Six of Game of Thrones premieres. I began anticipating the season premiere fifty nights ago by watching, one per night, all the fifty episodes already extant. All sorts of questions have been floating in the air for nearly a year. I have assiduously avoided spoilers and speculation, especially since I'm coming into the sixth season of this, and spoilers and speculation about such a popular show abound:

  • Is Jon Snow really dead? This question smacks of denial. Nobody's going to survive that many stab wounds are they?
  • Cersei Lannister, shamed by the religious fundamentalists that she herself unleashed, is back in the Red Keep. What will she do?
  • Remember that the Head Sparrow brought multiple charges against Cersei, and she confessed and was punished only for her adultery with her cousin. The Head Sparrow said there would be a trial for the others.
  • After her dragon-back escape from a rebellion in the fighting pits stadium in Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen is found adrift on a ridge by, of all people, Dothraki warriors.

There are other situations up in the air too, but I have less than an hour until showtime, so I have to publish, shower, make dinner, and doff my Winter Is Coming T-shirt (see below) in less than an hour.

One last thing: I'm starting to blog daily effective now! Usually my publication time will be 9 am CST (US). And for a while, at least, my Sunday blogs will relate somehow to Game of Thrones. It's such a rich narrative that it provides a rich starting point for background stories, gossip, and philosophical intrigues. So stay tuned, tell your ma, tell your pa, and SUBSCRIBE!

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